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Hydromechanical Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Our Portfoliopurchaselevitracheap.com/

1,269 MegaWatts

49 Projects

Products and Services

The company designs and produces all electromechanical works for the hydropower sector and particularly the intake works and aqueducts.

Traditional products (Gates, Stop logs, cranes, Racks, Trash racks, Linings, pipes, bi-trifurcations, Penstock Safety valves, Conejet valves, Butterfly Valves “Turbine Inlet Safety Valves” , manholes, expansion joints, dismantling joints)

Specific product installations: (special lifting systems, maneuver chamber, special coatings, bridges, project assembly equipment, workshop equipment, lifting and movement equipment, special ladders, tanks and more)


High Level of Quality Technology

I.I.A. knowledgeable with the high level of quality and safety must be guaranteed in this field has earned a device important technological advantage for the design and construction of our products and services, which enable them to be in front of their competitors and gives a added value for our company, such as development time and minimizes the maximum delivery time is more agile.

Production Facilities

It has a design office in Italy and Manufacturing facility located in the Free Zone INHDELVA at Choloma, Honduras, with a construction area of 10,000 sq.m. and the maneuver park is about 21,000 sq.m.

The engineering capabilities of the IIA in the hydropower sector and the acquisition of major projects in this area, was the incentive to build a production plant in Choloma for Central and South American markets, and the incentives for the investors in Honduras.

Our History

IIA Tecnologías Especializadas S.A. is dedicated to the production of hydro-mechanical equipment for: water supply, hydro power plants, wind energy and we use industrial machining, specialized equipment and rigorous quality standards.

Our Clients

Contact US


+504 2617 0461


IIA Tecnologías Especializadas S.A.
800 Meters, La Jutosa Road
INHDELVA Free Trade Zone, South
Choloma, Cortes
Honduras, Central America